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ecological evolutions in technological art

dominique leroy
bernard delville
edo paulus
thursday march 24, 2005
How do artists develop a technological practice that is based on sound and images?
How conscious are artists about the way they use energy in the development of their projects?

This lecture questions the ecological approach whitin the artistic sphere, in the cultural sphere and the social sphere.This lecture questions the ecological approach whitin the artistic sphere, in the cultural sphere and the social sphere.

Project-presentations by the artists/collectives:

-mxhz [int] and Johannes Taelman [be]
mxhz is a collective of machinic artists, swinging on the hooks that tear apart the fabric of a recent rhetorical past to uncover an activity based future. They are working on autonomous artbots and radical visual music.
Johannes Taelman is an electronic engineer interested in psycho-acoustics, sensorsystems for interaction and machine learning.

-dominique leroy [fr] is a sound-artist working on the topic of acoustic perception. In his soundinstallations he analizes and modulates common sounds from the public space.

-bernard delville [be] is an artist/engineer, member of the former '70-ties art collective Mass Moving. He specializes in research and development of alternative energy sources.

-edo paulus [nl] studied Arcitecture and Audio Design. His specialisation is using generative processes to create sound and musical textures resulting in automatical music-generating software, live music performances, sound-installations and audio for (interactive) imagery.



Each technology constitutes a specific apparatus. Each apparatus permits a different relation of the artist to the tool, a different texture of image and sound, a different production of meaning, a different perception in space and time, a different relation to the spectator. No hierarchical evaluation is conceivable among these different tools.

At some point it will become necesary to formulate a poetics of how a new connected art can be realized. Also, it is needed to describe along which lines it can evolve... more




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