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net.radio and streaming audio

chris byrne     print
saturday june 18, 2005
“My talk will explore artistic practice with streaming audio via networks. Specifically I will look at net.radio, and how artists have developed models for independent dissemination of their work. I will examine a variety of artists and practices, from purely Internet broadcasting/narrowcasting to links with offline local and/or micro-broadcasting. Along the way I will link these practices to the development of increasingly open standards for streaming, give some examples of the technologies for streaming and what technical choices might mean for independent practices and their sustainability. I will also look at the recent phenomenon of podcasting and how this is creating a new model of 'time-shifted' internet radio.”



Artists' use of net.radio has emerged from different cultural strands, including the electronic music and the net.art scenes, but also from a tradition of artists' experiments with analogue broadcast media... more

Chris Byrne

Chris Byrne has engaged with digital and moving image culture for over 15 years as an artist, producer, curator and educator... more



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