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about Chris Byrne

Chris Byrne

Chris Byrne has engaged with digital and moving image culture for over 15 years as an artist, producer, curator and educator.
Chris is Co-director of Art Research Communication, an Edinburgh based company working nationally and internationally with artists, exhibitions, projects and critical context.
He also lectures in Contemporary Media Theory at the University of Dundee.
Previously, for five years Chris Byrne was Director of New Media Scotland, where he curated and organised numerous online projects, exhibitions, commissions, performances, and residencies with artists across Scotland.

He has long practical experience in the field of media arts as a curator, producer and artist.
His main practice as a curator and researcher over the past 5 years has been focused on Internet art, networked art practices, performance, and more recently mobile and locative media arts.
He has also continued his long standing interest in moving image media, in particular video art and digital film-making.

He has managed, mentored and produced numerous creative internet works, most notably the HOST online project space for artists from 2000-2004.
His other experience has involved enabling artists to create site specific or location centred work, net.radio and streaming media, and encouraging artworks which cross boundaries between performance and new technologies.
His knowledge of current developments in mobile and locative media has been developed though research in this area over several years, including writing and presenting on the subject.

Chris has worked for a number of organisations in the media and arts field including Edinburgh College of Art, New Visions Festival, Glasgow; London Electronic Arts; and Fringe Film & Video Festival, Edinburgh. As an artist, Chris has shown in galleries, festivals, on broadcast television, and via the Internet.

Chris Byrne curated and produced following projects involving streaming media:

the radio-art project Drift, 2004
Drift was an exploration of sound art and experimental music featuring radio broadcasts, new radio art commissions, moving image, and live events. Drift was a platform for artists from Scotland and beyond, a gateway to these emerging cultural forms. Drift was conceived as a year long project.
Drift Radio was launched in February 2004 with 3 days of live streaming during Edinburgh's new music festival Dialogues 2004. New radio art works were commissioned from Zoë Irvine and Mark Vernon. A special programme was also presented as part of the Liverpool Biennial.
Drift Radio featured the following artists: Aaron Ximm, Jorge Reyes & Lidia Camacho, Claudio Yituey Chea, Alfredo Ramirez Castruita, Erdem Helvacioglu, Ed Osborn, Mario Mota Martinez, Joshua G. Churchill, Charlie Pulford, Jay Needham, Sebastiane Hegarty, Claire Petersen, Viv Corringham, Michael McLoughlin, Julianne Monroe, Michal Rataj, Thomas Joyce, Lara Kohl, Heman Chong, Anabella Solano Torres, Lorenza Lucchi Basili, Nicholas Economos, Fergus Kelly, John Levack Drever, Sean Burn, Nicholas Virgo, Mhairi Macfarlane & Andrew McKee, Pippa Murphy, Harold Schellinx (HarS), Pete Stollery, Alistair MacDonald, Roger Mills, Giuseppe Rapisarda, Hervé Perez, Asa Maria Bengtsson, Camilla Hannan, Paul Matosic, Michael Rodgers, Thanos Chrysakis, Simon Fildes, John J. Campbell, Tim Didymus, Colin Fallows, Matthew Gregory, Phil Mouldycliff, Vergil Sharkya', Tim Cole, Richard Creed, Chris Dooks, Zoë Irvine, Bruce Odland & Sam Auinger, Mark Vernon, Hannes Raffeseder, Penelope Pornstar, SNAIL, Joe Public, DJ Daniel, SiLENCiO Babes, Han-Earl Park and Esprit, Pukey Vs. Cap'n K, Trianglehead, Two Brothers and Me, Mark Summers, Michael Edwards, Jordan Fleming, Martin Parker, The Taxidermists.
A specially curated Drift moving image programme was premiered at Stills Gallery as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2004, and toured to An Tuireann, Portree, Skye; Dundee Contemporary Arts Cinema; British Council, Belgrade; Videomedeja festival, Novi Sad.
Drift was supported by the Scottish Arts Council; Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology; Liverpool School of Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University; Community Media Association.
the project Artstream, 1999-2003
An experimental project exploring the potentials of artists' use of streaming media. artstream comprised occasional projects with live and prerecorded material. Presentations for artstream took place between 1999 and 2003.
the project 'portable bug' [2003] by Ben Woodeson, an image and audio streaming device resembling a 'bag lady' trolley, exhibited at Peterborough Digital Arts.
the international radio-art project Sounds From Near & Far [curated with Colin Fallows], 2002
'Sounds From Near & Far' featured a radio programme and online archive of sound works from artists from across the globe on the theme of the translocal: travel, crossing borders, migration, sounds of different cultures and environments. Artists featured were Chantal Dumas, Alistair MacDonald, diskono, Public Works, Borderhack, Calum Stirling, Paul Rooney, Sue Mark, Chris Bowman, Janek Schaefer, Mark Vernon, Robert Mackay, Mark Lawton, Gen Ken Montgomery, Zoë Irvine, Peter Cusack, John Campbell, Vanessa Cuthbert, Max Eastley, Colin Fallows, Martin e Greil, Phil Mouldycliff, Russell Mills & Ian Walton, Robin Rimbaud, Will Sergeant, Vergil Sharkya', Paul Simpson and John Young.
'Sounds From Near & Far' was presented as part of Digital Weekend, a festival of digital culture at the Red House Centre for Culture & Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria. Broadcast on Radio France International Sofia. Also presented at the Cybersonica symposium, ICA, London; and featured as part of Radio Remote Control during the Liverpool Biennial.
Sounds from Near and Far supported by the Scottish Arts Council; Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University; Red House Centre for Culture and Debate; Soros Centre for the Arts Sofia; British Council; National Academy of Arts Sofia; Radio France International.
Sometime Instant [with radiotuesday], 2000
Sometime Instant was a mini-festival of sound work, featuring sound based artworks, performances, talks, film screenings and gigs by a range of artists, within Transmission gallery and throughout the city of Glasgow.
Live webcasts of soundworks by Scottish based artists were streamed: Life without buildings, playing live in the gallery; Ian Balch's performance Gift, a choral piece performed by St. Marys Cathedral Choir in the gallery; James McLardy's new sound work in collaboration with David Young from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. In addition, archived sound clips from featured artists on the Transmission web site.
Radiotuesday is an artist-run radio station, which first broadcast across Glasgow in 1999. They recently exhibited at KIASMA, Helsinki using a sound studio to generate new work for broadcast across Helsinki.




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