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TICS // this city sounds!

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wednesday may 24, 2006 – friday may 26, 2006
matrix art project, brussels

TICS in an audiovisual project including several places like:
brussels, beograd, bratislava, budapest, bucarest, bern, berlin ...

TICS could be seen as an effort to experiment with the old dream to extend human sound perception into the infra- and ultrasonic range in order to hear unexpected and unknown sounds... just compare
voice frequency, important for understanding speech (300-3000 Hz)
human ear sensitivity (20-20000 Hz)
bat sonar clicks (25000-100000 Hz)
field cricket Teleogryllus oceanicus (4000-5000 Hz)
ruby-throated hummingbird in flight (90000 Hz)
alternating current hum (US and Japan) (50000 Hz)
alternating current hum (Europe) (60000 Hz)
blue and fin wales (17000-30000 Hz)
tornadoes (1000-5000 Hz)
dog hear up to 40000 Hz
cat's hearing range (100-60000 Hz)
mice (1000-100000 Hz)
rats (1000-90000 Hz)
elephants (1-20000 Hz)
grasshopper (50,000 Hz)
noctuid moth (1000-240000 Hz)

It could be used to probe into what Marcel Duchamp indicates as inframince or infrathin:
"J'ai choisi exprès le mot mince qui est un mot humain et affectif et non une mesure précise de laboratoire. Le bruit ou la musique faits par un pantalon de velours côtelé comme celui ci quand on le fait bouger est lié au concept d'inframince. Le creux dans le papier entre le recto et le verso d'une fine feuille... A étudier !...C'est une catégorie dont je me suis beaucoup occupé pendant ces dix dernières années. Je pense qu'au travers de l'inframince, il est possible d'aller de la seconde à la troisième dimension"

It could also provide a sonic equivalent to what Guy Debord describes in "Theory of the Derive":
"In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there."

TICS-AI = example ?This Inaudible City Sounds: the Abridged Istanbul version
While reading through Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul (2005) we are making annotations about specific places where we could imagine certain environmental sounds to be present. We use this as a blueprint for exploring other cities. We will not go to Istanbul. We will go to other cities to record sounds and related images. The whole presence of Istanbul as such becomes imaginary and non-physical. Maybe we go and visit Istanbul during the opening of the installation in Rotterdam. And go to the places in Istanbul we imagined through documenting with material from the other cities. In that case we will connect through a little monitor in the space where the installation is. The installation is about uncertainty and the worlds we dream up and leave so easily. Escapism and the blunt mixing of different impressions (as if they are the same). The inappropriate translation ultimately leading to reductionism. But also in this installation we try to search for the thin line in everyone's no man's land where all imagination mixes and mingles and where sensations deepen. It is about our love for the incomprehensible and inaudible we always tend to hear and see.

We are working with a Pettersson Ultrasonic Detector and a modified Ultrasonic Translator Kit by Transtronics. With these devices we can listen up to 130 Khz and the sound can be recorded and lowered (so we can hear it) with a heterodyne signal and frequency division (divided by ten). We are reading Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul (2005). We are travelling to different cities where we are looking for identical spots. We record representative ultrasound material at these locations. Then the recordings are segmented, denoised, stored and meta-labeled in a database. There are no specific or detailed graphical identifications related to a real city plan but we rather use references to the occurrences within Pamuk's Istanbul. Also filmed material is treated in a similar way. We acquire for each city a common city guide and add recordings of explicit mentioning of sound-related locations in each city. Afterwards we resynthesize a selection of representative sounds. Also the images are resynthesized into abstract representations.


there was a person running through the snow a vast area of white and a thing moving a dark dot advancing something of minor importance when watching it from a train in motion yourself and certainly of a minor importance but still it sticks to the mind long after and despite of whatever happened at the same time or throughout the day before/afterwards and then it is dark all around and when thinking about it: it must be almost like when you hear a song badly sung just for a fraction of a second and then it keeps looping throughout the day and even when it going on that way it may change but still you know what it is but maybe it is alright different in a way that there is also some sort of a bewilderment why this one person all alone was traversing that white plane only snow and nothing around no reason to be there with nothing around and nothing to go for / nothing to come from and 1 boy and 2 girls and an older man suddenly break into the train car preventing any elaboration on this and coming from budapest over bratislava going to brno and later on to berlin and why is this memory so protruding ... later on the environment could have been changed into a street a house a city a lake a river a big room either or any other setting all the same but there will always be just the dark blot moving in contrast and though the original observation will be gone forever still wondering what you are doing these days and how the hell did we get here?

{mxhz, summer/fall 2005 working on TICS}




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