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new ecological approaches to the changing spectrum

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OKNO has an agenda for working the coming years at new ecologies for new technologies in art and culture. In that respect it got structurally funded for 2006-2007 by the Belgian Government with a specific agenda. The collaboration with parallel working centres and institutions, individuals and artists throughout Europe is a necessary basis for the establishment of a sustainable and sound communicative network. Mobility is not merely an empty slogan but an essential working instrument for the production, development and dissemination of a new kind of awareness, based on distributed skills and activities.

Within the proposed project, OKNO is proposing a tuning scheme for an equal building up, between several partners, of a basis for the further development of skills and projects around the proposed themes. The proposed 5-DAY conference is a mixture of essential background information and the start of a hand-on implementation. The publication will provide an essential tutorial for further discussion and expansion. It will be freely available online, under the Creative Commons License. We propose this conference as a spring summit in May 2006.



an interesting overview of environmental art can be found:

and there is also several links to working methods and tools, and an
interesting book can be found called ecovention:
http://greenmuseum... more



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