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wednesday may 24, 2006 9.30pm
matrix art project, brussels
What do mathematics, biological systems and the 'Unabomber' have in common? What links these people, places and ideas in a network? The search for an answer takes us back to the 40s, 50s and 60s of the last century, during which the foundations of modern life were redefined by cybernetics, multimedia art and military research. This provided the basis for machine systems which are now networked throughout the world, governed by mathematics, logic and binarycodes. "Das Netz" shows some of the agents in these systems.

wednesday may 24, 2006 5pm
matrix art project, brussels

Elke Van Campenhout will be moderating a debate on transdisciplinary practices, according to the carousel principle... more

wednesday may 24, 2006 3pm
matrix art project, brussels

Let's talk about aesthetics - a term that became a taboo in many contemporary arts circles for nearly a decade... more

thursday may 25, 2006 6pm
matrix art project, brussels

A look into the working of cultural communities, onsite and online
Networks consist of mobile relations whose arrangement at any particular time is shaped by the 'constitutive outside' of feedback or noise... more


a focus on media art in Eastern and Central Europe
The ‘media art in Central/East Europe’ round table discussion is dedicated to the history and specific complexities of media art in the region, recounted through the personal narratives of the presenters... more

saturday january 14, 2006
okno, brussels
"It [the radio pieces] made it possible for me to listen to radio with great interest, no matter what it was doing." (John Cage in conversation with Richard Kostelanetz in John Cage (ex)plain(ed))

thursday march 24, 2005
How do artists develop a technological practice that is based on sound and images?
How conscious are artists about the way they use energy in the development of their projects?

This lecture questions the ecological approach whitin the artistic sphere, in the cultural sphere and the social sphere... more

saturday june 18, 2005
“My talk will explore artistic practice with streaming audio via networks. Specifically I will look at net.radio, and how artists have developed models for independent dissemination of their work... more



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