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x-med-k 02/ 2005-2006/ code31

saturday september 10, 2005 – saturday december 17, 2005
Code31 organizes a special series of meetings --
related to the XmedK workshops organized by nadine, foam and okno.

Everyone interested can find a two-weekly meeting place :
we' ll do a follow up of research and developments, initiated
during the workshops, inviting artists/coders/engineers for
greater know-how (and devotion :-)

True to our principles - we'll give everyone a chance to present
their work during a "Proof of concept" session, discuss your
idea's on installations - to a public of artists/tech/DIY -
so you will find a place to question/listen/talk/solve your work
in progress.

code31 dates (saturday-afternoon - every two weeks):
10th of Sept ;
24th of Sept;
8th of Oct;
22nd of Oct;
5th of Nov;
19th of Nov;
3rd of Dec;
17th of Dec;

more about XmedK = www.nadine.be/xmedk --

short resume of some activities:

wondering what this new buzzword is all about: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AJAX
in short it allows you to do change content of a webpage without refreshing the
complete page, making change instantly & fluently (check maps.google.com for eyecandy)
we'll give an overview how you can easily apply ajax to your dynamic php website


[icecast streaming server]
We are setting up our own streaming server, which needs testing !
we'll setup different configurations & try plenty -- this means we need ppl to do the job from
home too ::
so if you can't come over - at least you can make yourself useful connecting :-)
irc to freenode.net -- channel #code31 during meeting hours


[special invite : Travis Robertson : Violobot]
Travis will setup his Violobot , do a small presentation and performance.

The Violobot is a computer controlled self-playing violin machine.
It produces sound by tapping the fret board in several different places with solenoids.
It has several software control interfaces and can be played by a human
or will play itself using controlled algorithms as a standalone sculpture
triggered by motion. It is able to move at super human speeds, banging
out its complex range of percussive tones with varying time signatures
and tempos. Played by converting MIDI protocols, generated through MAX,
with a MIDI to parallel conversion circuit to drive a series of well placed solenoids.
It is 33x35.6x96.5 cm. About the size of a violin.....
more on : non-threatening.com


[ Special invite : elpueblodechina/sonia cillari : Wooing Disruption ]
-- Our body doesn’t end at our skin.
There is just the illusion of boundary
between our insides and the outside. -----
In this performance Sonia Cillari and elpueblodechina will present their
work on emotional structures which are actualizations of inner spaces, and
whose skins are referring specifically to a certain dynamism of language.
This is related to body and gesture, operating signs that surpass the
individual recollection, and exchange between subjectivities which are
influencing and transforming each other.
A performance -- following a score made out of gestures and
interferences, while looking for ways to amplify synchronization and
talk(afternoon)/performance(evening / starting at about 20h)


[darwin streaming server]
We continue working on the setup of our own streaming server, which
still needs lots of testing ! We'll explain how far we got last meeting.
We'll setup different configurations & try plenty -- this means we need ppl to do the job from
home too ::
so if you can't come over - at least you can make yourself useful connecting :-)
irc to freenode.net -- channel #code31 during meeting hours


[ fluxus ]
having a look at this LiveCoding development & performative
coding environment (enthusiast (lisp) (go scheme)) -- nik@fo.am comes
over and we'll have a peek under the hood of this nice little tool;


[ streaming ]
having a look at IVC-200G (bt8x8) & IVC-4300
framegrabbing all the way & try to setup a stream using mp4live software
(dyne:bolic & caster live-cd)


[ speech-synth ]
To finish the workshop-week around sound poetry and synthetic speech, we'll give a
little roundup of all initiated projects. Participants can present their ideas during
proof of concept / ppl who missed the workshop can catch up with presented technology
and go DIY.


[ MicroPhonic ]
Small experiments with microphones. refurbishing microphones. go piezo, go.


[ ADC ]
analog to digital conversion primer --
we'll setup a 16 channel lightsensor and hook it
up to puredata - interfacing soundsynthesis and
triggering recorded sample playback.


[ EF4DB ]
as always there will be food (vegan) from 18.00 for people attending
the meeting, please drop an email if you're coming over.



saturday december 17, 2005

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