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"... as I see it, poetry is not prose simply because poetry is in one way or another formalized. It is not poetry by reason of its content or ambiguity but by reason of its allowing musical elements [time, sound] to be introduced into the world of words... more

'Text means tissue; but whereas hitherto we have always taken this tissue as a product, a ready made veil, behind which lies, more or less hidden, meaning [truth] we are now emphasizing, in the tissue, the generative idea that the text is made, is worked out in a perpetueal interweaving; lost in this tissue -this texture- the subject unmakes himself, like a spider dissolving in the constructive secretions of its web'... more

[Excerpts from ‘Introduction à une Nouvelle Poésie et une Nouvelle Musique.’
Paris, Gallimard, 1947]

“Destruction of WORDS for LETTERS
This does not mean : destroying words for other words... more



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