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art's anniversary 2006  

radio music 2006  

art's anniversary/ radio music 2006

okno collective [earwitness, so-on, code31, e.a.]     print
saturday january 14, 2006
For its participation in the celebration of Art's Birthday Party 2006, okno chose to opt for a 2006-performance of Radio Music, created by John Cage in 1951.
We will actualize the original score by using broadcasts from internetradios instead of broadcasts by the analogue 1950's Golden Throat-radio's. The original AM-radio 'dialing-noise' between radiostation frequencies will be replaced by the sound produced by 8 self-made antenna's.
The piece will be brought by 8 performers, taking into account the concept and timings of the original score.
Audio and video of this performance will be streamed and participants in other locations can pick up the stream and use it as an element for their own creations.




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