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entretien infini #01

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multimedia installation in the context of 'Het Groot Beschrijf' - a litterary happening organised yearly in brussels

in a library there is the sound of voices. they speak short sentences. carefully formulating and exchanging. it seems that they are in a conversation. voices come out of computers, which are set within the space. as in a chat room, the sentences appear and disappear on screen. in the background there is an image that slowly moves in intermitted sequences. like the images the sentences seem to be fragmented, captured in their own reality.
yet at the same time language is the only way to express ourselves and to shape our reality, our identity. language is seemingly not only a mode of communication with others, it is at the same time a barrier between others the world and ourselves.

annemie maes selected texts which dealt with the notion of identity and communication from books of 9 authors. (samuel beckett, marguerite duras, jean-paul sartre, cees nooteboom, oscar van den boogaard, orhan pamuk, josé saramago, willem brakman, julian barnes). some speak in first person, others speak directly to the listener while others tell a story about others. the computers are set up in the library, between the books, they lay open. the voices fill the space. floating in their own world, they are caught in an endless conversation.

with the voices of bart stouten, nicholas lens and chantal pattyn






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