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art's anniversary 2006  

art's anniversary/ 2WR 2K6

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saturday january 14, 2006
skolska -- praha
The previous years mxHz.org experimented with a series of connected
concerts, installations, workshops and lectures about 2-way-radio systems.
The ideas are as historical and reflected in the works of avant-la-lettre
media artists like john cage, as they are contemporary with the current
exaggerated podcasting and internet streaming. But the interest has to lie
further than in the remake of historical works with current new
instruments and media.

After his first piece for radios in 1951, Imaginary Landscape No.4 for
twelve radios, 24 performers and a conductor (himself), Cage made the
piece Radio Music in 1956, for 8 performers and 8 radios.

mxHz.org wants to use these scores to create only the initial setup.
Contrary to Cage's pieces there will be no conductor included, and the
provided score will only function as a guideline for the visitor to make
changes to the radio settings. The radio soundscape in Skolska will be
netcast. This stream can be altered at will by artists on several
locations: Brussels, Tokyo, Moskou. At the noD location, from several
computers a 'listening' to these interpreted streams will be possible and
as such a mutated radio soundscape is created.




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