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5.1 endangered guitar

hans tammen     print
thursday january 26, 2006
okno brussels
Hans Tammen works with a wide collection of mechanical devices on his "endangered" guitars, and uses an interactive software of his own design to rework his sounds in realtime, and to create several voices for a 5.1 surround sound system, where the audience is placed around the center speaker. His music has been described as a journey through the land of unending sonic operations, his playing as reverse engineering of the guitar. In a mix of formal awareness and improvisation the Endangered Guitar produces rapid-fire juxtapositions of radically contrastive and fascinating sounds, with micropolyphonic timbres and textures, aggressive sonic eruptions and quiet atmospheres.
"...one of the most ferociously talented and inventive guitarists to emerge in the last ten years. His technique is noisy and percussive, his energy relentless and unstoppable." (Richard Cochrane, Musings)

Projects include site-specific performances and collaborative efforts with dance, light or video, and theatre. His works have been presented in the US, Canada, Mexico, Russia and all over Europe. Since the 1970s influenced by Sonny Sharrock's and Pete Cosey's fiery and energetic playing, he is also inspired by Ligeti's micropolyphonic works,
Stockhausen's early electronics, Steve Reich's minimalist pieces, and Miles Davis' Bitches Brew period.
All Music Guide recommended him:
"...clearly one of the best experimental guitarists to come forward during the 1990s." (Francois Couture)

His music is documented on over a dozen CDs, on labels like Nur/Nicht/Nur, Leo Records, Potlatch, Cadence, or Hybrid. Upcoming CDs in 2006 include the trios with Ricardo Arias (balloons) and Gunther Muller (electronics), Joker Nies (circuit bending) and Mario de Vega (sampling), Dafna Naphtali (voice/electronics) and Martin Speicher (bassclarinet), and the duo with Christoph Irmer (violin).




thursday january 26, 2006
okno, brussels

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thursday january 26, 2006
okno, brussels

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