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okno, brussels

In Summer 2003 in Leipzig, a few hundred people met up in a space temporarily arranged for the project radioballett leipzig. Participants gathered with small radios, or rented them from the organizers, and tuned them to the local independent radio station. At around 6pm, the radio broadcast switched from playing music to a directive: go to the train station. So the group crossed the street to the station and went inside. Directives for behavior were broadcast, interspersed with music. Following the cues, the crowd simultaneously waved, bent over to tie their shoes, danced. . .

The project was organized by LIGNA, a Hamburg-based group and supported by an independent theatre in Leipzig, the Schaub├╝hne Lindenfels which shows less-known and controversial films, and houses the Leipzig branch of the political organization attac. In protest of privatization of public space and an attempt to bring back gestures that had been excluded by the system of surviellance, the radioballett felt and looked like a mixture of an installation piece, a protest, and a party. After the performance, participants went back to the original meeting place for free food and drinks. This is an interview with the organizers.




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