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okno public01

24,25,26/5     print

“what if we treat everything that exists within the web of networked and non-networked creative artefacts, physical and non-physical people, actions and activities, as the material that makes up the creative artefact?”

Recent technological developments have given rise to a diverse and compelling range of creative productions, resulting in crossovers traversing disciplines as people explore unconventional uses of tools and technologies. Trends emerging in digitally networked artistic practice are making a decisive impact on performance and interactivity in socially engaged artistic ventures.
okno is interested in these creative and unpredictable innovations that stem from unruly combinations of scientific, mediatic and technologic artefacts: seeds to grow new forms of expression where old structures are crumbling...

the first okno public01 will take place between 24-26 May 2006 in Brussels
okno offers a virtual and physical public forum for reflection on technologically-inspired media arts. We tend to be a physical and online meeting place for artists, and want to facilitate a dialogue on current forms of artistic practice with an creatively engaged audience. We want a form of media art that is digital, collaborative and networked, interactive and realtime, performative and shared, indivisible in its audio-data-visual output.
The cultural and aesthetic influences of media technologies will be critically discussed in the context of an alternative festival setup. The processes and results of artistic research will be presented in a program of round table discussions, performances, experimental concerts, interactive installations and workshops.



a focus on the media arts in belgium
okno supports invited projects and collaborations by bringing them in proximity with like-minded initiatives to exchange methods, skills, resources and knowledge, create visibility and connect to an exchange network... more


a focus on media art in Eastern and Central Europe
The ‘media art in Central/East Europe’ round table discussion is dedicated to the history and specific complexities of media art in the region, recounted through the personal narratives of the presenters... more

A look into the working of cultural communities, onsite and online
Networks consist of mobile relations whose arrangement at any particular time is shaped by the 'constitutive outside' of feedback or noise... more


An important part of okno's activity is situated in the independent server structure that okno acquired over the last year... more

ongoing projects and installations during the 3 days of the festival:




okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940