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NoToVo: a research from noise to voice

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synthetic speech combining litterature and philosophy through voice networks and machine aesthetics
NoToVo is a researchproject on synthetic speech and spatialization. As a generative sound installation it plays with a connected set of elements. It's composed of dissonant synthetic voices, changing in realtime from speech to sound. The multiple voices are spatialized in a virtual environment. Its compositional parameters are defined by the physical traject of the listeners on the installation site. The listeners are motion-tracked, and this data-information is fed into the computer program, from where the code itself creates the score. By rendering this score the sounds are also visualized, thus rendering the speech visible.

Each listener creates his own composition by walking around, influencing the speech parameters by his position in space and mixing the different sound sources outputted in his wireless headphone. Each composition is also slightly modified by the position of the other people in the tracked space.

The multi-platform output requires a dual interface structure: a computer mediated rendering of data through the maxMbrola speech synthesizer, and a motorically triggered human response. It's a human/machine collaboration.




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