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Das Netz / the Net  

das Netz : movie + discussion

lutz dammbeck     print
wednesday may 24, 2006 9.30pm
matrix art project
In 1930 the Viennese mathematician Kurt Gödel shook the very foundations of mathematics with his incompleteness theorems. In 1968, the physicist and engineer Heinz von Foerster was working on the fusion of digital and biological systems in his Biological Lab at Illinois University. In 1995, the former professor of mathematics Theodore J. Kaczynski was arrested as "Unabomber" by FBI officials in the wilds of Montana.
What links these people, places and ideas in a network? The search for an answer takes us back to the 40's, 50's and 60's of the last century, a time in which science, the arts and technology appeared to open up their horizons in all directions. The foundations of modern life are redefined with cybernetics, multimedia art and military research. This provides the basis for machine systems which are now networked throughout the world and which are ruled by mathematics, logic and binary codes.
"Das Netz" shows some of the engineers, machine operators and agents in these systems. One of them quits and tries to stop the machines. But at what price?




This is a film about the cultural tendencies of the last 50 years; tendencies determined by the development and introduction of the computer and thus by USA think tanks, but also by dreams of the range and boundlessness of progress, and of as yet inconceivable possibilities for life – a film about contradictions spurring each other on; contradictions with explosive force; contradictions seldom voiced, let alone visualised... more

”Even in an isolated forest cabin you are still part of the system“

When did you have the idea to make a film about the Unabomber?

It emerged during my research work on the topic of art and new technologies... more

MH: Your film is an elaborate researchive journey and very impressive in this respect. I'm assuming that the film has screened already in Germany and maybe other parts of Europe? What has been the reception of such a California - American based interpretation of the history of the Net in Europe? Has there been any significant response from this perspective given that the Internet has had such a long history in Europe and the California effect has come under criticism?

LD: Of course, the history of the technological nets is known to specialists in Germany or Europe... more

On Saturday evening, the "German Film Critique Award" of the "Federal Association of Film Journalists" and the EMAF Award were presented at the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) in Osnabrück... more

Lutz Dammbeck
Born in Leipzig on 17.10.1948
Fine artist and filmmaker
lives in Hamburg and Dresden

Mother secretary, father race-horse trainer
1967 - 1972 Study at the College of Graphic Art and Book Art in Leipzig, under Prof... more



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