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reseau citoyen: user-run wireless citynetwork

reseau citoyen is a project for a user-run wireless network (for internet access) via wi-fi, free of big operators, run by the people for the people.
Réseau Citoyen is not an organisation, it's much more a phenomenon...
Beside its technological aspects, "Réseau Citoyen" is a vector for ideas ..

We think that equality between citizens is important and therefore some technical choices are excluded as they would imply that some systems would have to play a proeminent role. Each citizen is represented by a router, and no router should be able to control others.
We are attempting the libertarian approach of not having any official decision taking organism. This does not mean that no decision can be taken, only that the processes of taking decisions and acting on them concerns each one and not everyone. Leadership by the example becomes the prefered way of making propositions and taking action. No coercion from the 'powers' is therefore possible - only the consensus will remain. No collective decisions but a collective outcome that results from individual actions.
We exclusively evolve in the non commercial world. The commercial world may be our neighbour, sometimes our partner but never our master. These last considerations imply the use of free software as prefered tools, and CopyLeft as the way to publish results.





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