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Forest Data Mining  

Forest Data Mining

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"I think that natural sounds should be directly available globally from their sources without any packaging, and be transmittable to the home via prompting from the telephone's keypad."
(Leif Brush, in Aspects of Terrain Instruments)

A forest is a living visibly or invisibly changing organism. This multitude of movements can be measured and can provide data. The continuous data stream of such a phenomenological research (with artistic rather than scientific ambitions) can be made accessible worldwide to sound artists and composers, who in turn can translate the original motion into a different, audible movement. The result of this process can be fed back into the forest and made available as an internet stream.

Composers can also directly be commissioned to produce specific work with the data.

What can be measured?
-light (different forms: visual, U.V., I.R., colour,...)
-motion (wind, vibrations, growth, decay,...)
-humidity (air, soil,...)
-presence (living organisms)
-electro magnetic radiation
-the internal life of the tree (sap streams)

All kinds of sensors will gather the data, which in turn will be interpreted by a microcontroller. The installation will be fed by solar power, and accumulators will guarantee 24h functioning. The data will be transferred wirelessly to the computer. There it will be streamed via internet (i.e. you will get to see the figures of the continuous motion in real time), together with the sound of the site and the internal sounds of the tree which will hold the sensors as well as an real time image of the site. Next to the data stream a first translation to MIDI will be made audible both on site and on the WWW.

The combination of the physical perception (detailed way beyond mere sensory perception) with artistic interpretation and/or the implementation of the perception can be seen as an attempt to render audible the inaudible; a meeting between Husserl's 'naturale Erfahrung' and 'natuerliche Erfahrung' .

The forest/tree becomes sound source, instrument, composer/composition.




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