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there's a devil in the LookingGlass!

so-on/ reflections on okno initiated by a netart generator     print

so-on : there’s a devil in the looking glass!

Working with research : that’s the aim of Looking Glass. Through open-studios and synthesis techniques investigate new aesthetical presentation techniques. Looking Glass positions itself as a transmitting atomizer .

movement and imagination of technology

Investigations of expressivity are interesting, starting from some historical texts. Teaching, learning and development of new projects is referred to the experiment with the presented original. Visualization of the installations of emerging artists & researchers, experiments by people who are truely an organism. A connection with medialabs in this space of art & motion is an evolution towards a societyplatform for dealing with internationally renowned artists.
A natural environment with certain questions that could arise: Are? Here? By the means of an object?
Pointing towards immateriality, sometimes puzzled and losing distance, as Walter Benjamin stated before.

The aim is strictly refined and refreshes the perception of an hypothetic Brussels, with the presentation and audiovisual synthesis of culture and chaos. All this cum magna laude, redirecting the visual perception of a new media organisation towards the production of soundinstallations. Connected aesthetics.

Okno/lookingglass. Exploring the possibilities that are linking identity and innovation through development and exchange, and pointing the attention of the audience to the spatial qualities of the projects.
But this is rather leading to the challenge : when are we going to promote another planet, confronting them with participation and innovation?
This idea functions as an open project during 2005, within cognitive activities and with new aesthetical presentations. A remake of traces left by popular media will be researched during the weekly meetings where science and methodology angle in unstability.

The robots can yield an unexpected, experimental-abstract art production. The projects concentrate on the collectivity of the necessary feedbackloops for performing. They teach and establish a nomadic map of the arts : interference and development : is there still a permanent basis, a junction in the public space for the development of art?

The hypothetical movement of open source programming and sound interaction releases a more than strictly refined outcome. What elements scheduled for performing, ice-cellars setup, kommunikation, multidirective, are important on different artistic levels?

a new aesthetics?

We reverse this question through live streaming and performing simultaneously : this is the challenge. Kommunikation, artbot shows and collaboration between different organisations: a net-remake becomes to be extended in internationalen Experimentalstudios und im Netz.

so-on has been working at the structure of collaborative projects. As such so-on tends to new technologies: It’s time to start the weekly sessions for algorithmic art! The open-studio: a local and futurist view both prominently involved, offers a philosophy based on the non-linear and (international) research. Rebuilding common-use technology for that purpose and a network for new audiovisual processing and other old 20th century obsessive clock/frame time-based stylistics. The new art worker plans a hypo-futurist agenda for discussion about techniques and research of art projects: several disciplines and technologies, including internet as a new culture, collaboration, mission.

so-on wants to rethink our times, focusing on the city as an input for artistic purposes : openness, theories and qualities of working towards a technological creative expression, due to spatial experiment & reflection.

.x-med-k. : the digital manipulation of artists

The workshop participants are brought to achieve. In a thorough introduction to experiment they learn to interprete rich media worlds. Not only are artists expected to make artworks but more, they are expected to collaborate and to situate the past into the future. Several network related technologies are involved in public events and installations.
Public media art is developed throughout the year, working with knowledge of media systems: hardware hacking, an introduction to sensor technologies and video synthesis. Home-made electronics are extensively used for artistic programming in this field of media art, as well as programming environments such as open-source solutions.
Throughout the construction of evening sessions an accessible and necessary background knowledge about history- editing will give an overview of the physical worlds : it’s all audiovisual media, editing and human-computer-interaction.

The workshops learn about the importance of media experience : a compelling network will be conducted by fusing the support of media worlds with the development of individual ideas by the participants, and thus create a connection with wireless technologies to expand their individual projects towards the public spaces in Brussels with the basic principles of media art : sampling, mastering and streaming audio-visual media.

remote collaboration between motion and the glass

The analog phenomenons are reminders of everything to take up in actu – in actu : the Next Big City. The excitement of successive additions of the core team are stalled on the surface, to drink from the Untitled, completed with an innovator of the half dark space.

In order to the flux, the image. Radioactive lectures on objects that engage performative operations and look well – a meetingroom.
Connected! A program resulting to create access and to mesh physical spaces with special prose and rites, and where the various external stimulations are comparable with sleeveless games of migrants according to play more.
Noise decided to be accompanied by a perceptual online educational application, incorporating a follow-through community, 'digital divide' development programs. Anatomic / feedback between two worlds.

Biennale of datastreams. FeedBack starts from a practising architect with a creative mis-use. Augmented Reality. The unusual research towards animated images, a place for experiencing the silence, stated on pelvis height.
Experiences as a flow of haptic interaction between a performance, a waltz of Inertia.
A FUTURIST CELEBRATION. As a firecracker. A city-dwelling installation reworked in a temporary laboratory, 'spatializing' the design & development for gestures within works and presented as a performance using visual poems.
The famous cry of horror, abstract avant-garde films. The bodies were transformed into a body to be touched, used as an embodied distributed intelligence, and it has its form in the right part of the Looking Glass.
The middle frame is meaningful and compelling : a contemporary object is one from within artistic production takes place.
It started during the image (nor vice versa): the physical processes at work revolve around a projection screen and explore the memories of the figures born in the echo of interactive installations, influenced by a desire of the eye.

Generated images in actu: reflexions. Many other sides are shown in the laboratory, they will become a mataphor for the projected image – ALICE, I FEEL ON THE EDGE OF A VOYAGE THROUGH A VOYAGE --- a passenger who stands still in the image flow.
Each softbomb is a small naked light bulb. A specially composed ‘soundscape’ for an Augmented Reality : Code Communications Camp. The bridge between the physical and the music is 'played', the figures are obtained numerically, it’s about images and interactivity. These seven moods form new aesthetical modes of Moments, shamans of electronic instruments, all kinds of music presented in virtual object states.

Streaming performances are hung in the development of transparent tissue. Not accidentally the role of a malleable virtual interface - a screen.
The Next Big City applies immediately the Next 5 Minutes on the aggressive cleansing of life. Press Responsive Environments - artefacts that ripened from Joseph Conrad’s Africa novel.
Sounds are dressed with theatre-collective-sentience in a perpetual change. The horror will become both presence and absence. A feedbackstream of electronics for a futurist celebration, cause the data are the only left-overs after the startingpoint and objects might include data released from a constant flow of Inertia.
An independent mixed reality laboratory in the earliest pure abstract preference?.
Alternating Currents for a long stay in development. ONE I'M HESITANT TO TAKE.

Lifesize sculptures of a researcher, evolving electronic instruments. The Next-Big-City-greeter welcomes them all - everything in relation to code, gender, and their original owners. The world, two selections of the window visible for displaying the static realworld : Looking Glass, optical imperfections of an object. Seeks to be viewed.




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