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everything on Transmutation concept  

Algorichemy Lab

notes by Nina     print
tuesday april 11, 2006
- Maite & Gert work on the concept of the
distillating process. A central piece is to be
looped to (as of yet undefined) number of
"tubs" or stations.

-Rebekka& Nina work the overall visualization
of the environment, defining the individual
function of the "tub".

- Laure develops the symbolic language both
for the physical & virtual environment

-Annemie researches and work on sound
and works with Laure.

-Shelbatra - works on miniature video projections
& with Rasa on the cooking concept.

- Rasa works on the cooking idea (stock
footage of the process & combined with
real life documentation.

- Dusan & Shelli work on the virtual process.

- Shelbatra due to other commitment has resigned from the project.




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