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meeting on peer to peer citynetworks and multicast streaming     print
monday april 10, 2006
multicast streaming & peer to peer city networks [meeting monday 10/4 at 5pm]
with Eric Georges [ResCit] and Prof. Marnix Goossens [ETRO-TELE VUB] + Arnaud Swinnen [researcher VUB]
+ all Oknos and Nina and Dusan ...

this meeting is a research starting point towards a possible collaboration between VUB/multicast, reseau citoyen network annd OKNO

reseau citoyen is a project for a user-run wireless networkaccess, free of big operators, run by the people for the people. Projects are being setup and tested for coverage in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve and Liege.
reseau citoyen will install an antenna/node at Okno [end of april], so we become part of their peer to peer citynetwork.

The CastGate system is a software solution that allows providing transparent access to the multicast enabled part of the Internet for users without native multicast on their Internet connection.
Multicast access from an end-system without native multicast connectivity is arranged by CastGate over normal Internet connections to specific servers located in the multicast enabled part of the Internet, a mechanism which is commonly called tunneling. A software module in the users’ end-system - tunnel client - sets up a connection to a server - tunnel server - and all required multicast content is subsequently passed over that normal Internet connection.




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