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24/5: experimental media art in belgium

a focus on the media arts in belgium
okno supports invited projects and collaborations by bringing them in proximity with like-minded initiatives to exchange methods, skills, resources and knowledge, create visibility and connect to an exchange network.
Presentations, artist projects, lectures and collaboration with similar organisations are planned.

3pm > 7pm round table discussions:
- beauty in the age of digital art
Maja Kuzmanovic(Foam) and Michaël Samyn(Tale of tales)
With: Guy van Belle (Society of Algorithm, mxHz), Auriea Harvey (Tale of Tales), Lawrence Malstaf and Bartaku.
- transdisciplinary practices
moderator: Elke Van Campenhout (etcetera)
with: Patricia Portela, Christophe De Boeck (audiostore), Femke Snelting (Constant), Eric Georges (réseau citoyen).

1.50pm Three Monochromes: Red / Bruno S
performance by StefaanQuix

4.30pm Inflatable Meeting Room
performance by Lina Kusaite and Cocky Eeck

7pm launch of the magazine .x-med-a. (experimental media art)
a collaboration between nadine, foam, imal and okno.

9.30pm Das Netz / the Net
a film by Lutz Dammbeck



wednesday may 24, 2006 3pm
matrix art project, brussels

Let's talk about aesthetics - a term that became a taboo in many contemporary arts circles for nearly a decade... more

wednesday may 24, 2006

Struba I would like to ask Dirk, although he doesn’t talk about his ‘easthetics” if he thinks there are certain elements in his work
Struba like interactivity for example that constitute an aesthetic for the viewer/ (or contributor?)
pueblo struba: interactivity as an aesthetic element?

wednesday may 24, 2006 5pm
matrix art project, brussels

Elke Van Campenhout will be moderating a debate on transdisciplinary practices, according to the carousel principle... more

wednesday may 24, 2006
wikinibot ‘High tech’ refers to tech that is at the cutting-edge - the most high tech
wikinibot currently available.
wikinibot There is no specific class of technology that is high-tech - the definition
wikinibot shifts over time - so products hyped as high-tech in the 1960s would now be

wednesday may 24, 2006 1.50pm
matrix art project, brussels

Stefaan Quix [1967] is a bassplayer & composer living and working in Brussels... more

wednesday may 24, 2006 4.30pm
matrix art project, brussels

An inflatable sculpture develops into a public experiment.

We are very happy to announce that the .x-med-a. publication is now online, free for download, sharing, printing, but most of all, for your browsing, reading and viewing pleasure... more

wednesday may 24, 2006 9.30pm
matrix art project, brussels
What do mathematics, biological systems and the 'Unabomber' have in common? What links these people, places and ideas in a network? The search for an answer takes us back to the 40s, 50s and 60s of the last century, during which the foundations of modern life were redefined by cybernetics, multimedia art and military research. This provided the basis for machine systems which are now networked throughout the world, governed by mathematics, logic and binarycodes. "Das Netz" shows some of the agents in these systems.




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