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25/5: media-art in eastern and central europe  

Ryszard Kluszczynski


Prof Dr. Hab. Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, is a Professor of Cultural and Media Studies at Lodz University, where he has a position of the Head of Electronic Media Department. He is also professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (theory of art) and Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (media art). He writes about the problematics of information society, theory of media and communication, cyberculture and multimedia arts. He also critically investigates the issues of contemporary art theory and alternative art (avant-garde). In the years 1990-2001 Kluszczynski was a Chief Curator of film, video and multimedia arts at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. He curated numerous international art exhibitions. Some of his publications include: Information Society. Cyberculture. Multimedia Arts, 2001 (Second Edition 2002); Film – Video – Multimedia. Art of the Moving Picture in the Era of Electronics, 1999 (Second Edition 2002); Images at Large. Study on the History of Media Art in Poland, 1998; Avant-Garde. Theoretical Study, 1997; Film – Art of the Great Avant-Garde, 1990.




Since 1990 numerous initiatives have been undertaken to develop new media
art in countries of former Eastern block. Network of Soros Centers of
Contemporary Art, from one side, and independent organisation Syndicate,
from the other, festivals like Ostranenie in Bauhaus Dessau, conferences
and exhibitions... more




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