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25/5: media-art in eastern and central europe  

Darko Fritz


Darko Fritz [1966, Croatia] is media artist and curator. He studied architecture at the University of Zagreb and fine art (media art department) at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. His work filling the gap between contemporary art practices and media art culture.
As independent curator and researcher of media art histories he organized exhibition ‘I am Still Alive’ [computer art from the 1960’s and recent low-tech and internet art [2000, Zagreb], and currently preparing ‘Bit International Re:search’ [pioneering international digital art and the Tendencies network] at the ZKM Karlsruhe [2007]. As well he curated: , ‘Lights from Zagreb’ [interactive light installations]’, ‘CLUB.NL’ [contemporary art and art networks from the Netherlands] and ‘Culture of graphic design in the Netherlands’. He directed a documentary film 'Hong Kong Contemporary and Media Art'.
Presentations at conferences: ISEA 2000 [Paris], End Repeat [Tallin], ISEA 2004 [Helsinki], Stuttgart 1960, Computer in Theorie und Kunst [Stuttgart] and REFRESH! First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology at the Banff New Media Institute [Banff].
The 'Amnesia International - Early computer art and Tendencies movement' is published at the Bitomatik - Art practice in the time of information/media domination by kuda.org in Novi Sad, 2004.
Since 2002 he works as editor in the field of media art on the virtual portal of Croatian culture, Culturenet, where he published hypertext ‘A brief overview of media art in Croatia (since 1960s)' and edited related databases. Since 2005 he is mentor at the Transart Institute graduate art program that leads to a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in New Media.





First survey and attempt at defining the term Media art in Croatia in its
historical context and setting up a relevant database. Media Art in Croatia
is part of the culturenet... more




In the late 1960s fifty-eight artists and artists groups who had discovered the computer as a new artistic medium traveled from four continents to Zagreb, Croatia: from western and eastern Europe, the United States, from Israel, Japan and many others... more

thursday may 25, 2006
Rebekka Would you like to situate yourself in the vast field of Media Art to begin with?

Darko In 1988 I started working together with a group of friends, coming from different artistic backgrounds, on computer installations without really knowing what we were busy with. At that time there was a strong tradition of video art. Then, through experimenting, we found out that there also was a strong tradition of computer art that had been completely interrupted between 1960 and 1980. Computer art and video art were then completely separate fields.



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