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25/5: media-art in eastern and central europe  

Peter Beyls


Beyls has been exploring computer programming as a medium for artistic expression since the early Seventies. His interdisciplinary approach views computers as cognitive partners in the process of artistic creation and borrows methods from the field of artificial intelligence. His educational background includes music, computer science and art. Active as a composer, educator and visual artist. Beyls has published extensively and lectured at various institutions worldwide. He currently teaches aesthetics of the digital medium at St Lukas Hogeschool, Brussels and is affiliated with the Interaction Lab at KASK, Hogeschool Gent and the Future Music Lab, University of Plymouth, UK.




thursday may 25, 2006 6pm
matrix art project, brussels

We provide a detailed overview of the pioneering robotics work of the late
Edward Ihnatowicz (1926-1988). Edward was born in Poland and immigrated to
the UK to study sculpture... more





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