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26/5: networks! a look into the future   25/5: media-art in eastern and central europe   M+M+  

Dusan Barok

Born 1979 in Czechoslovakia. Studied information technologies in Bratislava and mass media communication in Trnava. In 2003 co-founded BURUNDI media lab and organized there series of karaoke lectures Translab. Developed open source tool for online group-help backstage and number of websites for media festivals, unstable organizations and projects. Writes articles for 3/4 magazine. In 2004 co-founded ScArt community. Friend of Multiplace. Co-edits idealnypartner magazine. Since 2006 teaches interactive media in Prague. Invites any help with Monoskop wiki. Involved in Ted Nelson's project of hyperlinkization of the unverse. Lives in Prague and Bratislava.




Presentation of media art related issues in Slovakia and partly Czech Republic in recent years. Talk will focus on highlighted activities in this area in order to comment the particularity of local approaches to the topics such as grantgiving, sharing as a creative act, generative aesthetics, or technology fetishization... more

friday may 26, 2006 5pm
matrix art project, brussels
Internet shapes the organizational, networking, and creative aspects of collaboration. The talk will present the techno+cultural background of initiatives and events experimenting with this approach, such as Multiplace... more

wednesday may 24, 2006 – friday may 26, 2006
matrix art project, brussels
Experiment with the paper form documentation of public event as being part of the event itself. Using the lo-res tools (dictaphone, digital camera, dtp software, printer) the final printed publication included the risks such as inconsistency, absence of criticism, shortlife concepts, and even blah-blah statements... more




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