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26/5: networks! a look into the future  

Guy Van Belle

Guy Van Belle has been prominently involved in the use and development of media for artistic purposes since 1990. Since 2000 xgz has been working under the name of the collective digital band mxHz.org (machine cent'red humanz), creating collaborative performances, concerts, workshops, exhibitions and unexpected experimental/abstract art projects. MxHz.org is co-organizer of the umbrella organisation okno, a non-profit technological art organisation situated in Brussels. MxHz.org are currently developing 2 sets of autonomously communicating heliumbots. The title of the project is "thoughts go by air". Performances were set up in Brussels, Den Hague, Quebec and New York. The current new generation is being developed in Brussels and Berlin at Tesla. A special focus for mxHz.org is on Balkan/Central/Eastern Europa to work towards a new sustainable kind of collaborative projects. A recent ongoing work - 2WR or two-way-radios - is a net-remake of John Cage's Imaginary Landscapes #4 (for 12 radios and 24 performers) based on some historical texts by innovative radio artists. The project started in Prague during the FM@dia conference 2004 and was recently set up as a networked installation at Skolska Prague. With Akihiro Kubota he started the 'Society of Algorithm' in 2001, working on netbased music performances. They participate both in festivals, connected concerts. Since 2005 open workshops were added and a residency exchange Europe-Japan to expand the concept. He is also a freelance curator (Leonardo Music Journal CD 1999, deaf04 festival etc...), reviewer (European Photography, Leonardo, ...) and lecturer (currently teaching the course Cyberarts at University of Brno, Tjech Rep.). For more than 10 years he has been advising the Media Lab at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts Antwerp for their projects and realisations. He worked for 10 years at the University of Ghent, teaching and managing (international) research projects for education and arts, at the electronic studio IPEM.




friday may 26, 2006
okno, brussels & online bejing/tokyo


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