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on visuals.

reflecting on the images I will take of Rasa working in the kitchen, cooking and chopping away, I came across the notion of the ' machines célibataires'.
This notion based on the works of artists such as Duchamps, Alfred Jarry, George Bataille etc is elaborated by Harald Szeemann who points out the autosufficiancy of those working concepts. The 'machines celibataires' are alternative views on the world proposed by an individual. It reflects a mode of survival by exclusion of outside intervention and has thereby an autistic element. In that sense the 'machines celibataires' have a lot in common with the alchemic process since the energy flow is on the one hand perpetual and on the other hand restricted to the limitations of the set up, restricted to the 'input material'.
Objects that symbolise these closed circuits are the sewing machine ( Man Ray and the bycicle (Bataille).
I will extract sound of those objects and confront them with the cooking process of Rasa. Food as well as the 'machines célibataires' are connoted with a strong sensual, perhaps auto-erotic elements that are interesting to compare.

the video that will come forth of this collision shoud be projected in a glasshape filled with milk, or white ink dilluted in water. (this water then could be disturbed by boiling water) The visuals should be further processed in other posts of the installation if possible, so that we can build up a notion of processing through out the whole installation.




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