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BBB-4 receiver notes:

The "BBB-4" is a broadband 0.2 to 12+ kHz V.L.F. receiver with a passband peak at approximately 1.5 - 2 kHz, and is designed to receive naturally-occurring V.L.F. phenomena (such as "whistlers") that occur as electromagnetic (radio) waves at audio-frequencies. This receiver was designed to be hand-held or tripod mounted, and its output patched to a MICROPHONE-LEVEL input such as a tape-recorder or speaker-amplifier (such as the one available at Radio Shack ("Mini Audio Amplifier/Speaker" cat. # 277-1008). "Radio Shack" in the US and Canada is also known as "Tandy" overseas, such as in the U.K.

more on: www.auroralchorus.com/bbb4rx3.htm
and some sounds on: www-pw.physics.uiowa.edu/mcgreevy/




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