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i'd like to propose a basic structure for the audio algorithm, though quite obvious, may also be the most efficient. i hope i don't lose most of you with this description, but here goes...

analogous to the principle of distillation, an audio processing chain (=~ "effects") can be constructed with some of the piping in the form of internet conncetions. at each stage of the chain, audio can be tapped off for further experiments and maybe combination with generators.
this approach is perfectly suited for the processes of convolution and granular (re)synthesis as discussed at the first day of the workshop.

i think we should also decide between all audio streaming or also streaming of other data, which can be used in a midi/osc fashion and similar transmutational processes can be applied to them -i think guy put something online on this kind of stuff...

for the fist approach some microfones will do, for the second we'd also need some sensors and the like.
if the focus is on the first, we need to sort bandwidth issues, the hybrid approach is potentially more efficient.

also, guy, you will be in bxl right? could you set up speakers and maybe make a nice panning algorithm? a dynamic mixer of different sources would be nice too, i don't think streaming 8 mics or something is a good idea.




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