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Andreï Smirnov  

laser bugging

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thursday may 25, 2006 9pm
matrix art project, brussels
The performance is closely linked to the subject of the presentation: 'Forgotten Future. Selected archeologies of art and technology in Russia'. In the performance Smirnov starts from a reconstruction of Leon Theremin's "Buran" eavesdropping system, developed in 1945.
Theremin developed this eavesdropping system for the KGB. It’s based on monitoring the vibration of windows. Therefore he used a radio-location system based on directed microwave radiation.
The same principle can be realized by means of the recent laser technology. As a result, we can monitor and listen to inaudible vibrations in all kinds of reflecting media: membranes, liquids, solid objects, the sounds of the surface of water, bubbles, plastic bags etc. It's a sound/light alchemy, a play with materials and chemical processes.




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