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24/5: experimental media art in belgium  

Three Monochromes: Red / Bruno S.

a 10.10 hour performance by stefaan quix     print
wednesday may 24, 2006 1.50pm
matrix art project, brussels

Stefaan Quix [1967] is a bassplayer & composer living and working in Brussels. Permanently active in three or four musical projects: bassplayer in mutant rock bands, improviser in Zornian apres-music formations, meticulous analyst of Glenn Gould's interpretations of "Die Goldberg Variationen" or composing contemporary music. His compositional strategies are based on repetition, the use of micro-intervals and diverse cut and paste techniques.
His latest work is a trilogy called „Three Monochromes / RGB“ and is an audiovisual composition exploring the transmedial use of graphic scores, the possibilities of local stochastic elements in „strict“ compositions and the blurring of the boundaries between piece/installation/environment when using very long timelines.





three monochromes: red (10.10 version) | stefaan quix  more   print


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