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An important part of okno's activity is situated in the independent server structure that okno acquired over the last year. We want a media art that is digital, collaborative and networked, interactive and realtime, performative and shared, indivisible in its audio-data-visual output.

The core activities are situated in the independent server structure and in networks of invisible relations between people and information. We like to play with degrees of visibility, of both people and data. We like to share ideas and develop discourses through different but parallel platforms, making unusual intersections of information and participation visible simultaneously in both the chat room and the conference room. Online moderation of the okno public week conferences will take into account these mixtures that can be found in a digitally connected existence – mixtures that include the thin membranes through which information and people's activities mingle. Therefore we invite people working in different fields: netart, social work, media art, activist practice to an online participation, but at the same time informational personalities like chatbots will be 'present' in the channel and will integrate relations triggered by evolving and shared discourses.



wednesday may 24, 2006
Matrix Art Project, Brussels/online
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May 24 15:28:08 -chevil- w:alienation
May 24 15:28:12 -wikinibot- alienation
May 24 15:28:12 -wikinibot- alienation :: disambiguate :
May 24 15:28:13 -wikinibot- title (property) | Alienist | Social alienation | Alienation effect | Anomie | Marx's theory of alienation | Normlessness
May 24 15:28:18 --- Batete (www-data@customer-colocation-okno-1... more

thursday may 25, 2006
Matrix Art Project, Brussels/online
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May 25 14:58:26 --- You are now talking on #okno
May 25 14:58:28 -pueblo- w:constructivist epistemology
May 25 14:58:31 -wikinibot- constructivist
May 25 14:58:32 -wikinibot- constructivist :: disambiguate :
May 25 14:58:32 -wikinibot- constructivist epistemology | constructivism (mathematics) | constructivism (art) | constructivism (learning theory) | linguistics | Constructivism in international relations

friday may 26, 2006
Matrix Art Project, brussels/online
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May 26 14:32:00 --- ernesto.indymedia.org sets mode +n #okno
May 26 14:32:00 --- ernesto... more



Here, we hope you could find useful agents to ease comunication.
These IRC bots here don't bring too much informations as
"Too much information kills information"... more

We are preparing an online event and series of debates around the subject of networks, belgian and east¢ral european experimental media art and transdisciplinary practices . Our goal is to connect practices and territories, bringing into question different aspects of these processes of cultural production.

aka Alejandra Perez Nuñez is a sound artist and a performer working with open source tools, electronic wiring and essay writing. In collaborative projects with Barcelona based group Redactiva, she worked on psychogeography and social science fiction projects developing narratives related to the mapping of collective imagination... more





okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940