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das Netz : movie + discussion  

EMAF-Award for THE NET

Award Ceremony at the 17th European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück 2004
On Saturday evening, the "German Film Critique Award" of the "Federal Association of Film Journalists" and the EMAF Award were presented at the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) in Osnabrück.
EMAF Award The € 5,000 European Media Art Festival Award for pioneering work in Media Art was awarded to Lutz Dammbeck for his film "Das Netz" (The Net). In his complex documentary study, Dammbeck follows the story of the "UnaBomber" and former professor of mathematics, Theodore Kaczynski, who shook the American world of academia with home-made letter and pipe bombs between 1978 and 1995.
Excerpt from the jury's findings: "We unanimously chose "Das Netz": an intellectual roller coaster ride through art, technology, philosophy, politics, psychology and sociology that strongly impresses us but simultaneously makes us uncertain. The ride is resistant to a onedimensional version because, although set in the linear medium of film, it triggers non-linear reception. The film is an enormous catalyst for interdisciplinary associations – for a network in the mind, the perception of which suddenly surprises us. Still in a daze, we present the 2004 EMAF Award to "Das Netz" by Lutz Dammbeck."

Jury members for the EMAF Award: - Prof. Michael Bielicky, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague -
Alice Koegel, academic assistant for Film & Video at the Ludwig Museum, Cologne -
Maria Pallier, editor of Metropolis of TVE (Spain), free-lance curator





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