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Erika Pasztor  

erika pasztor

I graduated in 1989 as one of the first students at the Hungarian University of Arts and Design with a diploma in audiovisual design. In those years, here in Middle Europa, everybody was excited and occupied by the rapid political changes, by the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and by everything what had followed that in the 90s: political and economic restructuring of the formal soviet societies. All we know now as sort of info- and communication technology and culture revolutionî arrived to Hungary around the turning of the century, so we can say: every shatter changes happened at the same time, in the last 20-25 years. Every significant transition is a big mess, where only one rule is legitimate: to survive. How the "off-stream" audiovisual culture survived in an era when cultural issues remained in the background while political and economical struggles were in the foreground? How 'low-budget'-ism formed a new attitude of creation and artistic survival strategies of video artists in Hungary in these years?
In my presentation I show and comment on some video works of young artists to illustrate what happened in the last two decades and what's going on right now in audiovisual arts in Hungary.




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