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24/5: experimental media art in belgium  

transdisciplinary practices

moderator: Elke Van Campenhout (etcetera, nadine)     print
wednesday may 24, 2006 5pm
matrix art project, brussels

Elke Van Campenhout will be moderating a debate on transdisciplinary practices, according to the carousel principle. A slightly different question will be put to each of the participants, focusing on their personal positioning in the field of transdisciplinary arts. How is their work caught up in the middle of different disciplines? Where and how do they present their work to the outside world? What does it mean for an artist/programmer/policy maker to wade through these troubled waters of the in-between? By putting a slightly different question to each of the speakers, we hope to see a slow evolution taking place in dealing with and reacting to the subject, ending up with as broad a perspective as possible. Each of the participants is asked to prepare a statement of approximately ten minutes, followed by a twenty-minute interview with the next participant. This way every statement will be followed by a short one-to-one discussion, moderated and open to the public. With this debating policy we hope to focus the discussion as much as possible on the questions brought to the fore, while on the other hand opening up the discussion to the public at regular intervals.

With: Patricia Portela, Christophe De Boeck (audiostore), Eric Georges (RĂ©seau Citoyen), Femke Snelting (Constant)




Elke Van Campenhout studied Philosophy and Theatre Studies at the Catholic University of Louvain and the University of London... more

christoph de boeck alias A u d i o s t o r e creates sound and music for contemporary dance, performance and theatre productions. With Heine R. Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki he is a founding member of Deep Blue, a collective producing dance/performances in which audio and video technology maintain a tense relationship with movement... more

Background in set and costume design studies in the Faculty of theatre and film of Lisbon, MA of Arts in Scenography by the Faculty of Theatre in Utrecht and Central St... more


Eric Georges is one of the busiest activists of Reseau Citoyen, a user-run wireless network in Brussels... more

Constant is a non-profit association, based and active in Brussels since 1997 in the fields of feminism, copyright alternatives and working through networks... more




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