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launch of .x-med-a. magazine  

.x-med-a. magazine

a collaborative publication on media arts in brussels
[nadine, foam, okno, imal]
matrix art project, brussels
The motivation behind this review originated from a series of technically and artistically juicy workshops, organised by four independent technological-arts initiatives in Brussels: Nadine, OKNO, FoAM and iMAL.

More than hundred professional artists and students participated in the workshops, eager to remediate a perceived lack of experimental media education in Belgium. The workshops also responded to the need for a place where continuous learning and dialogue between peers is encouraged. Through a sequence of workshops we have attempted to share our experience, skills and knowledge with a wide group of people interested in emerging thoughts, media and technologies.

Nadine, OKNO and FoAM designed a joint programme, which ranged from a mixture of introductory tutorials and moved towards master-classes and informal get-togethers. This programme allowed novice participants to become prolific media artists over a period of two years.

Many participants from this programme also followed iMal's workshops, which complemented and further enhanced the richness of the evolving independent media education in Brussels.

We wanted to spread the understanding of the diversity and multiplicity of tools and media that can be used creatively, as well as teaching the basics of 'making-your-own' techno-artistic materials and instruments. We covered collaborative issues in the production of art, specifically computer implemented and media related art. We discussed wider economic, environmental, social and political implications of our works. We forged new projects, performed and socialised together, gathering a critical mass of people and organisations around topics close to our hearts.



Should any society that can’t deal with the waste it produces be allowed, allow itself, to produce anything new? Why should we be celebrating the creative use of computers, electronics, media systems, when they are simply plastic wrapped condensations of heavy metals and other poisons? Can we imagine a technology that is able to disentangle itself from technocracy, the idea that all the world’s problems can be solved by the application of a narrow band of productised science?



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