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beauty in the age of digital art  

guy van belle/ xgz

Guy Van Belle/mxHz.org has been prominently involved in the use and development of media for artistic purposes since 1990. Since 2000 he has been working as xgz under the name of the collective digital band mxHz.org (machine cent'red humanz), creating collaborative performances, concerts, workshops, exhibitions and unexpected experimental/abstract art projects.
He has been working across Europe, with a primary focus on 'areas of transition' in South, Central and Eastern Europe. His streaming workshops have resulted in the establishment of active new networks among artists, institutions, and cultural activists. With Akihiro Kubota he started the 'Society of Algorithm' in 2001, working on net-based music performances. He is co-founder of OKNO, together with Annemie Maes and Gert Aertsen.




You often proclaimed that your work is all about collaboration and process. how does beauty come into this equation? How do you deal with making beauty in realtime, networked performances? Is there such a thing as 'democratic aesthetics'? Can different people's aesthetics connect or disconnect a piece together in distributed, networked situations? what is it about the 20th century that you find so appealing?

the will to connect (against save as...) 20040620
At some point it will become necessary to formulate a poetics of how a new connected art can be realized. Also, it is needed to describe along which lines it can evolve. So here we begin: for uncertainty and vagueness to allow multiplicity and openness. Against the narrative figurative and for the experimental abstract. Not for an audience but for the involved participants in the aesthetical action. From the simplicity of one algorithm put into a network topology, to the complexity that develops over time again into simplicity. Back and forth. And back again.

friday may 26, 2006
SC: Inzake materiaal is het soort kunst waar u mee bezig bent meer gekenmerkt door de dualiteit tussen materieel en immaterieel. Hoe staat u daar tegenover?

GVB: Ik kom eigenlijk uit de computermuziek en oorspronkelijk uit de literatuurstudies en linguistiek... more

friday may 26, 2006
okno, brussels & online bejing/tokyo



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