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public01: save before it's gone

dusan barok, magde kobzova     print
wednesday may 24, 2006 – friday may 26, 2006
matrix art project, brussels
Experiment with the paper form documentation of public event as being part of the event itself. Using the lo-res tools (dictaphone, digital camera, dtp software, printer) the final printed publication included the risks such as inconsistency, absence of criticism, shortlife concepts, and even blah-blah statements. The magazine features interviews with Dirk Paesmans (jodi.org), Maja Kuzmanovic (f0.am), Darko Fritz (media artist and curator), Andrei Smirnov (Theremin Center) and bits from IRC moderated by Alejandra Nunez Perez and Yves Degoyon during the panels on beauty in the age of digital art, transdisciplinary practices and media art in eastern and central Europe. Fifteen copies of the magazine were printed and given away at the spot in MAP Brussels.

PDF for download: save.pdf (0.5 MB)



wednesday may 24, 2006

Struba I would like to ask Dirk, although he doesn’t talk about his ‘easthetics” if he thinks there are certain elements in his work
Struba like interactivity for example that constitute an aesthetic for the viewer/ (or contributor?)
pueblo struba: interactivity as an aesthetic element?

wednesday may 24, 2006
wikinibot ‘High tech’ refers to tech that is at the cutting-edge - the most high tech
wikinibot currently available.
wikinibot There is no specific class of technology that is high-tech - the definition
wikinibot shifts over time - so products hyped as high-tech in the 1960s would now be

thursday may 25, 2006

okno-077 media art in central europe could be a contruction of electronic media promoters and selfpromoters, milos
okno-077 video projections are out.. just boring at least mostly, not only in eastern europe
black those all are issues beyond east europe

wednesday may 24, 2006
Dusan For the games you have this manual how to play them and for the net how to use it and where to click and lot of your works for instance look as you’re avoiding these manuals, go against them... more

wednesday may 24, 2006
Dusan Why did you choose the subject of beauty?

Maja We were busy designing the magazine x-med-a with other three organizations and it was actually the first time that we worked with the different organizations having to agree on the aesthetics... more

thursday may 25, 2006
Rebekka Would you like to situate yourself in the vast field of Media Art to begin with?

Darko In 1988 I started working together with a group of friends, coming from different artistic backgrounds, on computer installations without really knowing what we were busy with. At that time there was a strong tradition of video art. Then, through experimenting, we found out that there also was a strong tradition of computer art that had been completely interrupted between 1960 and 1980. Computer art and video art were then completely separate fields.

thursday may 25, 2006
Pre-interview for the interview with Andrei Smirnov with Guy Van Belle

Magde I’m curious what do you think is the best question for Andrei Smirnov?

Guy Andrei, how the hell did you get there?

friday may 26, 2006
tsila what are the conditions to start the network?
vacc initial condition is passion
xname and what about the structure: horizontal vs vertical ... more



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