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24/5: experimental media art in belgium  

Das Netz / the Net

a film by Lutz Dammbeck     print
wednesday may 24, 2006 9.30pm
matrix art project, brussels
What do mathematics, biological systems and the 'Unabomber' have in common? What links these people, places and ideas in a network? The search for an answer takes us back to the 40s, 50s and 60s of the last century, during which the foundations of modern life were redefined by cybernetics, multimedia art and military research. This provided the basis for machine systems which are now networked throughout the world, governed by mathematics, logic and binarycodes. "Das Netz" shows some of the agents in these systems.



wednesday may 24, 2006 9.30pm
matrix art project
In 1930 the Viennese mathematician Kurt Gödel shook the very foundations of mathematics with his incompleteness theorems. In 1968, the physicist and engineer Heinz von Foerster was working on the fusion of digital and biological systems in his Biological Lab at Illinois University... more



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