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beauty in the age of digital art  

auriea harvey


Auriea graduated as a sculptress in 1989. In 1996 she began her life online with her website Entropy8.com which became well known in the early days of online art and design for its intricate graphics and experimental design. She worked independently in New York City, earning accolades for her design work which was primarily for music industry clients such as Virgin Records and MTV. But still, it was her personal website which gained her the most attention and gave the most satisfaction to her. She decided to focus more on the artistic side of the web, as she saw much potential there. In 1999, she met Zuper.com’s Michael Samyn with whom she merged into Entropy8Zuper! Together they created both commercial websites for corporate clients, and very personal online artworks, like Skinonskinonskin and the Godlove Museum. They were happy doing this, but still felt the limitations of web technology as being too constraining for the projects they had in their hearts and minds. And then, quite suddenly, Auriea’s attention shifted away from the web towards games technology. Tale of Tales was founded in 2002 with the purpose of exploring the artistic potential of realtime 3D. The first project was a game called 8, about a young girl trapped in a sleeping palace. Next was The Endless Forest, a multiplayer online game where every participant plays a deer. Currently, Auriea is art directing and designing the characters and environments for “144” a horror game which has a narrative inspired by the fairy tale, Little Red Ridinghood.




Your work has often been praised as very feminine, digital eye-candy. What does beauty mean in your work? In your situation, does working collaboratively mean compromise, fusion or multiplication? Do players/users react to your particular aesthetic choices? Do you want to make things that appeal to many different audiences and if yes, how? What emotional states does making and/or experiencing beautiful things provoke in you? What is it about fairy tales that makes them such fertile material for your work?

Somewhere in the modern era a definition of beauty was lost. Especially in new media art, artists associate beauty with the creation of simple visual “prettiness”. As if aesthetics are something shallow which should not be part of the equation when designing technological systems.



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