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beauty in the age of digital art  

lawrence malstaf


Lawrence Malstaf was born in Brugge in 1972, studied industrial design At the Henri Van De Velde Institute in Antwerp. After his studies he started designing props and scenografies, later on installations on the border between visual arts and theatre. Inspired by his work with choreographers on one hand and industrial environments on the other hand, his works are mostly dealing with movement and offer a strong interaction with the visitors. Malstaf creates often spaces and environments that can be experienced individually according to ones own personal choices and rhythm. The sensorial experience is often more important than the external aesthetics. “Being in the middle” is a key notion in Malstaf’s works, the audience often becomes an essential physical part of the installation.




The human body takes a central place in your work. How do you feel about the "escape to virtuality" of so many other technology-inspired artists?
However virtual the project , there are always physical parameters that color the experience of the visitor: is it cold in the room, is it dark or bright, is the air ionized or conditioned: In short we underestimate the weather (natural and artificial weather) when talking about the virtual... more



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