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transdisciplinary practices

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wednesday may 24, 2006
wikinibot ‘High tech’ refers to tech that is at the cutting-edge - the most high tech
wikinibot currently available.
wikinibot There is no specific class of technology that is high-tech - the definition
wikinibot shifts over time - so products hyped as high-tech in the 1960s would now be
wikinibot considered, if not exactly low tech, then at least somewhat primitive. This
wikinibot fuzzy definition has led to marketing departments describing nearly all new
wikinibot products as high-tech.

sophie_apo33 what do you mean by “open networks”
wikinibot wiki
wikinibot wiki :: disambiguate :

pueblo hi xgz
xgz ah _ escaping the masses/madness
pueblo so tell me xgz, you were speaking about networks, do you also see the relation between them and power

xgz sure _ wanted to comment on it because these are very aesthetical moments when you see how power acts and when you are trying to go against it
xgz and the good thing is that you don’t have to leave the field of technological arts for it hihi

sophie_apo33 to answer to Elke: first of all, technology, digital technology is more and more used for any kind of practice today, so from this point of view we have a kind of huge machinery of interconnected machines which end up working on many different fields, many different spaces at the same time. For this, because the digital technology is “penetrating” the totality of reality, it not only enables transdisciplinary practices but forces
sophie_apo33 practices to become transdiciplinary
pueblo thnks sophie
pueblo I will bring this in
sophie_apo33 so maybe what is interesting to understand is : in what sense do the “disciplinary practices” become “trans”, in which way the boudaries that make them different are put in question be technology, in particular digital technology ?

sophie_apo33 what is interesting in art, and we see many researchers or activists etc. getting linked to art practices, is that it is in itself a transversal practice that can involve different mediums, techniques, ways of working, themes, issues, and all this through the production of something common at the end, a kind of common language. In this sense yes, art is social and an important social practice today
pueblo but I also think art works beautifying forms of control
pueblo specially in technologically powered forms of art
annemie but how far social involvement and aesthetics can go together?
sophie_apo33 fascination for power is a question of “psychology” and not of art : esthetisation of politics, this how Walter Benjamin analysed Nazism... very ambigious...

xgz maybe about sound and body: is love frequency dependent?
pueblo absolutelly
xgz damn _ ok disappearing and starting to patch up something effective then
xgz bye




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