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25/5: media-art in eastern and central europe   public01: save before it's gone  

media art in eastern and central europe

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thursday may 25, 2006

okno-077 media art in central europe could be a contruction of electronic media promoters and selfpromoters, milos
okno-077 video projections are out.. just boring at least mostly, not only in eastern europe
black those all are issues beyond east europe
pueblo but in east europe there is also an art system
black just like everywere else
Z Media art doesn’t need art systems.
pueblo media art system also exists Im afraid
Z But you don’t need the systems.
black its been institutionalised for last 10 years at least
rarita by system you mean institutions?
pueblo also institutions
pueblo maybe we don’t but we tend to organise everything in the same ways
pueblo I would like to see more nomadic forms of organisations of course
Z Digital media (unlike video) can be distributed without institutions.
Z Directly to the user.
pueblo yes Ryszard Kluszczynski is not happy about the fact that media art also works in the art system
pueblo but it is a fact
auriea because the artists want it
black well there is still issue that art system and subsequently museums cant find a way to collect distributed media art
auriea maybe they shouldn’t collect it.
xgz think it is a very serious point that it is losing its alternative or innovating character because of it
pueblo yes and also says that he thinks media artists that were claiming a more revolutionary position towards the art system are loosing their revolutionary character
okno-077 i doubt about the revolutionary elements in media art, it is more exception.. but people who invented the tools and tried to implement them in the society have been very creative
xgz basically when a media artist is seeing the art world with museums and galeries as its space
Z It’s funny because in commerce and industry, this socalled revolution is still growing.
xgz sure, but still there is hardly people working consciously at an alernative circuit these days
black yes
Z The entertainment industry in particular is using more and more digital distribution.

pueblo I am curious, friends from eastern europe, how close to your history you feel Russian art?
black does art has ethnicity? is that what you asked?
pueblo well is a common background
black well the common ground is technologies and history of media developments

black is aesthetics primal fact in todays media art ?
xgz no, media I think
lena beauty? or : the study of easthetica
auriea i don’t know about primal... i just think there is a fetishization of the pixel
auriea or i mean artists stuck on a certain aesthetic forever

luka is there a medium which is not saturated with commercial practices?
Z cave painting
lena no caves in brussels...

rarita darko’s so right about the amnesia people tend to have in the balkans
Z they shouldn’t drink so much wine
auriea why did this amnesia happen?
rarita i think is some kind of unconscions mechanism to protect yourself from a history that is too messy
black denial
pueblo but not having a history at all makes things difficult too

black why there is so much rewriting of the history in the east?
pueblo we should try to do that in latin america too
black not good idea
black find parallel ones
pueblo I think when we have all very faraway references we have to rewrite the relations
pueblo yes parallel histories help
lena and make sure one does not prevail over the other

luka the wild east capitalism seems to have very little appreciation for research
rarita exactly
luka and even less for technological art
rarita and they don’t need to invest in research that much when they can bring in expired technology from the west
luka maybe because both are ‘geeky’?
rarita and they don’t need to have, since they can profit enough from bringing in the technologies that got out of fashion in the west
xgz yes interesting is that the state does not seem to add cultural funding to its priorities of development, and companies are the real powers behind decisions but not interested at all in social and cultural funding
black in uk currently the media art is closely linked with social engineering and regeneration projects, i know that for east to addopt this is long way in future but may be even lucky to escape this merger
xgz and with the new evolution in EU, i have the feeling there is less and less money for culture, while mobility is totally phased out by now...
black is that in east or west eu you talking about?
xgz so for eastern, central and balkan europa it is interesting to follow up the current changes
xgz I am living in bratislava
black it seems that the sort of poetic work is also something that east will need to get through before getting out of that amnesia state we talked before
xgz recently was in romania (iasi) and was astonished of the very poor conditions in which people are working and making media art (streaming radio), and of course the political situation and its prospects is not very uplifting, seems that it is exactly like you said: core-EU is just interested in marketing its ‘expertise’ and harvest the profit, like the new dress of former colonialism...
xgz hey but isn’t it more because it is videoworks, there are some other media artists in hungary i guess, who use more computer based tools, and make installations and net related works
black i think the general trouble is that in some cases , may be more in baltic than in balcans the denial of the past makes younger generation to reinvent the histories as new
black and yes how ever said it all looks in streets there is so much stuff happening in all of theses countries
xgz I have nothing against videowork but it tends to be more traditional and narrative




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