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lawrence malstaf  

questions by the moderators

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The human body takes a central place in your work. How do you feel about the "escape to virtuality" of so many other technology-inspired artists?
However virtual the project , there are always physical parameters that color the experience of the visitor: is it cold in the room, is it dark or bright, is the air ionized or conditioned: In short we underestimate the weather (natural and artificial weather) when talking about the virtual. The virtual and real are not so separated.

What do you find interesting about confronting human spectators with technology in such a physical way?
Technology is part of our daily life and I’m interested in the side effects that affect us all but often in an unconscious way (air pressure, vibration, noise pollution, but also its beauty…). Sometimes I call my installations training devices to learn to deal with our industrialized environments, train our senses, concentration skills, to find peace…

Do you feel that your work refers to certain narratives somehow? Where is the beauty in your work? Do you consider yourself (part) designer, (part) engineer? How do you feel about the pre-modern desire to create uplifting art, art that makes the spectator feel good about being human?
Beauty and optimism have somehow become unpopular maybe because they pretended to hold the answers. The postmodern artist is mainly asking questions and focuses on the big problems.
Personally I m very much looking for beauty , not in a pretentious modernist way but more on an energetic level beyond the human drama. The magical way that energy travels through a system and animates it, makes a balance, brings it to life . The magic of physical laws (conservation of energy), the ‘optimism’ of a solar panel, the cycles of climate changes. Humanity is a the last snapshot of a very long and fascinating movie. We are only visitors, lets observe and behave well).
Its through that the technology fair of Hannover was the most interesting exhibition I saw this year. Designers and engineers are often very creative and politically or environmentally motivated people.
In practice my projects start with an artistic or conceptual phase then an engineering phase: how to materialize it, and then a design phase: how to make it presentable, comfortable, readable




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