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Alessandro Ludovico  

node, the new identity of the user

abstract by alessandro ludovico     print
Networks are made of infrastructures and individuals, but their most vital part are the nodes that produce and validate contents. The natural evolution of the Internet after ten years of hyperlinking is starting to trigger its own hidden power: the strategic connections and proliferation of individual nodes. The old marketing concept of 'prosumer' (the producer-consumer), coined by the industry to deceive the users that they should have then become editors, has turned into something completely different. Now huge amount of persons produce various amount of information profiting from hundreds of online platforms that facilitate the archiving and sharing of data. The identity of the user has changed: he'd be not anymore a consumer and wannabe producer. He should become an active 'node' in a rich and crowded constellation of network nodes. His identity is much more complex than before, because he's intensely acting in different fields, expressing opinions, aesthetics, relationships and desires. Even if he's always the marketing target number one, he can now construct new substantial part of his own online/offline being.




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