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x-med-k 03 / 2006-2007 / code31  

workshop physical computing

johannes taelman     print
wednesday november 01, 2006 – saturday november 04, 2006
okno, brussels
In the x-med-k workshop physical computing, we will investigate connecting the physical world to the realm of the computer.
By using sensors and an inexpensive interface board, we can create a range of selfmade devices, from unheard of musical instruments to interactive installations.
Movement, gestures, airflow, touch, heat... can all be used to control sound and visuals.
The workshop has a distinct focus on an artistic exploration of the possibilities of physical computing. Partcipants will get to know the different kinds of sensors, how they are used and how to combine them with the computer to create artworks.



As a follow up to the physical computing workshop, Johannes Taelman made a nice tutorial on making your own ribbon controller.
Ribbon controllers are (multi) touch sensitive strips that you can connect to your microcontroller (e.g. arduino.cc) for your own audiovisual calamities.
Don't be afraid of the diagrams and formula's, it's quite easy to make.

Get it here: okno.be/phys_comp_tutorial/ribbon4/ribbon4.htm



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