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okno public02

a contemporary look on radio art     print

During public02, OKNO wants to research the roots of radio art. We put this into practice via workshops, 2way radioworks, collaborative and networked soundinstallations, live broadcasts of radio-art programs, lectures and performances.
To conclude the project, a week of brainstorms, collective writing and theoretical workshops will tear apart the question and statement "what after radio?", and turn all radioconcepts upside down.

As a medium-specific term (such as video art or performance art) radio art implies that the artist who works in, and with, radio is not necessarily a trained DJ, programmer, producer, engineer, or personality, but one who uses sound to make art and seeks ways to transit it through radio as art. The act and process suggests that the radio medium can be used in an alternative way (even shaped as a material), in relation to its familiar use.

The origins of radio are deeply rooted in a very idealistic socialist potential to provide the communication necessary to connect people across space and time. At the beginning of the 20th century, radio was the equivalent to the Internet today in terms of its social as well as political possibilities. However, its development into a highly hierarchical system with expensive licensing fees and severe punishments for violations of these laws in order to protect certain industries has resulted in radio space being controlled by guardians of commerce. Radio licensing laws are concerned with the protection of copyrighted material. Radio has the potential to be a completely liberated, mobile and inhabited mass media.



okno, brussels
ONSITE = artistic events organised in the okno headquarters, brussels
REMOTE = artistic interventions by okno members abroad (national or international)... more

at okno.be/live you can watch the stream and the IRC-chat assembled in 1 page.
If you like to join the chat, open the link okno.be/live in Mozilla/Firefox (chat doesn't work in Safari)... more

monday november 13, 2006 – thursday november 16, 2006
okno, brussels
The FMtransmitter workshop is an online/onsite collaboration between tetsuo kogawa (tokyo) and okno (brussels)

In the 90s, the Internet technology such as RealAudio/Video has put micro radio onto the right track... more

wednesday november 15, 2006 7.30pm
okno, brussels + online

A streaming and networked feedback performance between Jacques Foschia (onsite in Brussels0 and Tetsuo Kogawa (remote in Tokyo)... more

thursday november 16, 2006
okno, brussels
Named after Fredric Brown’s seminal sci-fi novel, Martiens Go Home! (MGH!) has nothing to envy classic improvisation. Not missing a single week since they started their radio show many years ago on Radio Campus (Brussels, Belgium) the trio has always played with the contingency of live experience... more

friday november 17, 2006
okno, brussels
A performance by Esther Venrooy, using live electronics and shortwave broadcasts.

Noise. Seven short electronic pulsions. Out of nothing, a femal voice: “ ... more

saturday november 18, 2006
okno, brussels
The theory of radio starts with the hope to use this modern medium as a tool to overcome capitalist society. Most readings of Bertolt Brechts remarks on radio reduce this aim to a technical problem: radio as an apparatus of distribution just has to be changed into an apparatus of communication... more

okno, january
Researching the new formats 'after radio'.
Groupdiscussions, brainstorms, writing, ... performances and other artistic projects!

Two Way Radios (2WR) is a project for multiple 2-way audio streams, after \\"La Radia\\" by F. T. Marinetti and Pino Masnata [1933], \\"The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication\\" by Bertolt Brecht [1932], \\"Imaginary Landscape No... more

okno brussels
In dit onderzoek wordt het medium radio onder de loupe genomen. Meer bepaald wordt het subversief potentieel van het medium geëxploreerd, voornamelijk in de context van alternatieve gebruiken en praktijken van het medium... more

You can hear it, but you cannot see or touch it. It isn't surprising that wireless transmission from its very beginnings triggered the metaphysical imagination of certain people, one of the most famous ones being Thomas Edison... more


tetsuo kogawa interviewing félix guattari  more   print

OKNO is very proud to present the continuous audiostream of the radio-art creation by Els Aerts and Catherine Lekime, MA-students from the Rits radio-department.
The nature of the work demands a listening with headphones or external speakers (stereo FX).


The audio-work gives an impression of the activities programmed at OKNO from 13 -> 18 november 2006.
"A CONTEMPORARY LOOK ON RADIO ART" was a mix of workshops, lectures, artist presentations and performances.

With the participation of:
Tetsuo Kogawa (jp), Jacques Foschia (be), Esther Venrooy (nl/be), martiensgohome! (be), Ole Frahm and Torsten Michaelsen (Ligna collective, de), Guy De Bièvre (be), Acoustic Space Lab (Rixc, Lv), the BA-students of the Rits radio-department.

Teachers and organisation:
Tetsuo Kogawa, Martine Ketelbuters, Guy De Bièvre, Gert Aertsen, Junior Vandebroeck and Annemie Maes.

all info on: www.okno.be/?id=964


a work on radio-art / download | els aerts & catherine lekime  more



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