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radio art and 'after radio'

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okno, brussels
ONSITE = artistic events organised in the okno headquarters, brussels
REMOTE = artistic interventions by okno members abroad (national or international).
most events will be streamed. check the newpage for links and timings.

REMOTE : nov.11 -- 7.30pm : homage to the Vasulkas, pioneers of the digital movie, music and performance, by givan bela from NOD Prague, in presence of the celebrated

ONSITE : nov.13-16 : workshop miniFM transmitters (Tesuo Kogawa)

ONSITE : nov.15 -- 7.30pm : Transversal Transmission, a connected performance between Tetsuo Kogawa (tokyo) and Jacques Foschia (brussels), an hommage to Félix Guattari.

ONSITE : nov.16 : collaborative installation FMtransmitters (okno/rits)

ONSITE : nov.16 -- 8.30pm : live radio-art -- Martiens go home! -- public live broadcast (from okno)

ONSITE : nov.17 -- 8pm : Stockhausen's use and interpretation of shortwave broadcasting, followed by a documentary of his performance in the caves of Jeita (lecture by Guy de Bièvre)

ONSITE : nov.17 -- 9.30pm : Esther Venrooy, performance with live electronics and using shortwave broadcasts

ONSITE : nov. 15/16/18 : screening of RT-32 Acoustic Space Lab, a project by Rixc Media Lab (Lv)

ONSITE : nov.18 -- 8.30pm : presentation by Ligna-collective(de) on subversive radio, using mini fm and broadcasting with some ghettoblasters and small radios

REMOTE : dec.12 : waves by so-on ,isjtar and Masato Tsutsui (altitude1000 festival, recyclart)

REMOTE : dec.9-16 : SE30 by code31 at altitude1000 festival recyclart

ONSITE : jan.17 : Arts Anniversary (Art's Birthday Party!)

ONSITE : jan. : 'after radio' (workshops, discussions and brainstorms between Givan Bela, Golo Föllmer, Milos Vojtechovsky, Isabella Bordoni, Barbara Huber, Michael Murin, Annemie Maes, a.o.)

ONSITE : jan. : noWayRadio, a netperformance by The Society Of Algorithm ... and many others...

okno offers a virtual and physical public forum for reflection on technological arts. We tend to be a physical and online meeting place for artists, and want to fascilitate a dialogue on current forms of artistic practice with a creatively engaged audience. We want a form of media art that is digital, collaborative and networked, interactive and realtime, performative and shared, indivisible in its audio-data-visual output. The cultural and aesthetic influences of media technologies are critically - read politically - discussed. The processes and results of artistic research are presented in a program of round table discussions, performances, experimental concerts, interactive installations and workshops.




okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940