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after radio?

brainstorm, discussion, collective writing     print
okno, january
Researching the new formats 'after radio'.
Groupdiscussions, brainstorms, writing, ... performances and other artistic projects!



We understand the end of something all too easily in the negative sense as a mere stopping, as the lack of constitution, perhaps even as decline and impotence, the end suggests the completion and the place in which the whole of history is gathered in its most extreme possibility... more



In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, a comprehensive mechanization of music began which contained three radically new principles: the transmission, storage and synthesis of sound... more

realizing the other day that sitting here and talking to someone about a subject, and also thinking about sound and patching it up in a little sound machine (most of the time ending up with something different than the initial idea) is far easier than both switching this computer on and tapping in a consistent and understandable text... more



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